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RE: Installation notes in Italian?

I am talking about it in general.

The installation notes last I saw them (woody) were somewhere around 100
pages for english, I expect them to grow for other languages.

I think for any translation, if they are priced right, they could make a
good source of income. (fair pricing, what about eur 10?)

Or otherwise put: I want to prevent ppl form choosing some other distro
(mandrake, redhat,..) just because that other distro comes with a printed


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Subject: Re: Installation notes in Italian?

> > - so far only the webpage is available in italian, the installation
> > has not been translated yet. (aren't there enough italian-speakingp
ppl with
> > free time on their hands?)

Well, I moved the installation manual to boot-floppies CVS. Should I do
something more?

> > - would it not be a good thing to actually sell printed/bound copies
of the
> > installation or users manual? - given its around 100 pages printing
> > is unreasonable..

Are you talking about italian translation or any translation?


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