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pdf build on DDP server

I see funny page build at DDP for PDF. "Debian reference
(quick-reference)".  (Junk page as opening age)


Pages build no problem on my woody box.  So it can not be the source.
(By imitating Adam's boot-floppies)

In my chroot potato, actually pdf builds end-up with freeze with funny
error message. (log file):
Please don't say `\def cs{...}', say `\def\cs{...}'.
I've inserted an inaccessible control sequence so that your
definition will be completed without mixing me up too badly.
You can recover graciously from this error, if you're
careful; see exercise 27.2 in The TeXbook.

! Invalid code (4010), should be in the range 0..15.
\@tempa ...{\@ne \catcode `}\tw@ \catcode `\04010
                                                  \medmuskip 0mu \thickmuski...
l.766 ...nfiguration fles to tweak in \path{/etc}}

I'm going to use 0 instead of that illegal code value.

! Interruption.
\@tempa ...192 \.\@ \\\/\!\_\|\%\;\>\]\)\,\?\'\+\=
                                                  \advance \@tempcnta 4096 \...
l.766 ...nfiguration fles to tweak in \path{/etc}}

Anyone have idea what is happening?

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Osamu Aoki <debian@aokiconsulting.com>, GnuPG-key: 1024D/D5DE453D
Visit Debian reference http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/quick-reference/
There are 6 files: index.{en|fr|it}.html quick-reference.{en|fr|it}.txt
I welcome your constructive criticisms and corrections.

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