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woody document


Release Notes for Debian GNU/Linux 3.0 (`woody'), Intel x86
$Id: release-notes.sgml,v 1.80 2002/02/05 05:30:16 dwhedon Exp $

I noticed that the following is printed twice in "3.4 Upgrading":
"It is strongly recommended that you use the /usr/bin/script program to
record a transcript of the upgrade session. Then if any problems develop,
you will have a log of what happened, and if needed, can provide exact
information in a bug report. To start the recording, type: 
                 script -a ~/upgrade-to-woody.typescript
or similar. Do not put the typescript file in a temporary directory such as
/tmp or /var/tmp (files in those directories may be deleted during the
upgrade or during any restart)."

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