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Re: SUBDOC feature

Osamu Aoki <debian@aokiconsulting.com> writes:
> 6. Unsupported SGML Features
> ----------------------------
>      The `debiandoc-sgml' package does not support the SUBDOC
>      feature of SGML.  Although it is possible to declare a SUBDOC
>      entity in the document preamble and then refer to this entity
>      in the document body, the output generated by the package's
>      converters is very likely not as expected.
> I seems to be able to use
>     <!entity ch-markup          system "en/markup.sgml">
> to include entire sub-document into a tag location.
> What is SUBDOC feature? 
> I just want to make sure I am not doing BAD thing.

SUBDOC is not the same as what you're doing, so you do not need to

SUBDOC is a form of document inclusion where the included document is
an SGML document in its own right, with its own DOCTYPE declaration.

To handle them an SGML application needs to know to re-invoke itself
when it encounters a reference to one, and the paragraph you quote
just says that debiandoc-sgml does not know to do this.

What you are doing, on the other hand, is just defining an entity
whose text is given in a file; the effect of this is equivalent to
replacing the entity with the text of the file and parsing it as if it
had never been separate.

Hope this helps.


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