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Please respond urgently

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Attention: The Managing Director / President.

From: A.Kovacs


Since the death of my benefactor, ALFRED HENRY HEINEKEN, Chairman, Heineken Holdings B. V, The Netherlands on the 3rd of January, 2002, I have been faced with repeated difficulties in locating a reliable investor partner, especially since the collapse of Mr. Heinekens prefered investors; ENRON, USA. I have been Mr. Heineken's spiritual adviser since after his kidnapp in 1985. Of course he was later fred after a ransom of 35Million pounds Sterlin was paid by his family. I am not a regular business man, but Mr. Heineken entrusted some of his confidential financial matters to me. Mr. Heineken entrusted some huge funds in my name for the sole purpose of investing the money on behalf of a counselling institute I approached him to assist us establish. He agreed, but advised that he would have his contacts in ENRON assist me in the investment plans. Unfortunately, late last year he suffered pneumonia, a sickness he later died of early this year. During his sickness, he was unable to do
 business, but I was reliably informed by him that the fund for the investment was secretly deposited (CASH) with a secured banker.

I am contacting you to seek for your advise in assisting me in any investment project you can render, where our fund would grow and be safe.

If you can be relied upon in this venture, please contact me immediately by email and furnish me with your most reliable telephone and fax numbers so that I can get in touch with you as soon as possible. I am ready to discuss compensation for your assistance. For your information, I would advise that you keep this matter away from third parties, untrust worthy investors and the people of the fallen ENRON who might want to take advantage of me in such business matters. All documents to enable my choosen investor claim the funds are all safe in my custody.

I look forward to your anticipated cooperation.



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