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Re: German translations

Arvid Warnecke wrote:
> Hi there,
> today I was looking for some documentation on the debian website. I got
> a lot. But I was wondering if there are already plans to translate some
> import documentations to other languages like german. I know that there
> is a project to translate the package descriptions, but I never heard
> about other projects.
> Are there german documents and I wasn't able to find them? Are there
> already plans to do translations?
> If there is such a project I'd be happy to do some work to help finish
> it. (Right now there aren't any packages to maintain or stuff like that
> and I'd really like to do some work for Debian :-)

Eduard Bloch has translated some manuals, and some people randomly try
to update the installation documentation.  Besides this, I don't know
of more sub-projects.  I'd like to ask you on debian-user-german@
lists.debian.org and add relevant links to the documentation etc., so
maybe somebody will decide to work on a translation.



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