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Re: Why don't we every see Debian articles on these sites?

>>>>> "Hélio" == Hélio Perroni Filho <runecarver@HotPOP.com> writes:

    >> I would really like to see articles touting Debian GNU/Linux on sites
    >> like this one: (...)

    Hélio> Here in Brazil the guys from "Revista do Linux" magazine once wrote a very
    Hélio> interesting, 2-parted article about the Debian GNU/Linux distribution (which
    Hélio> was the main reason for me moving to Debian). Perhaps someone (me?) could
    Hélio> translate it to english and then try to get it re-published on the web. Since
    Hélio> they allow redistribution of their work as longs as they get the deserved
    Hélio> credits, I do not think they will care about it (but we could also ask them).

 Ok, sounds great.  Who can we submit it to?

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