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Re: Proposal: Sponsorship Uploads

On Wed, Jan 23, 2002 at 11:31:42AM +0100, Francesco Lovergine wrote:
> This is my proposal for an additional subsection in Debian Developers
> Reference Manual. It's not SGML clean probably, and feel free to 
> modify english and formats. 

Hi, Francesco,

Thanks for taking the initiative.  

I think it is good that you laid out the two different approaches to
sponsoring.  However, the main reason for changing the maintainer
field to "<joe-sponsoring-jack@klecker.debian.org>" has just been
eliminated.  Now the sponsor can simply subscribe to listen to all
mail sent to package@packages.qa.debian.org:


Given that, I propose to simplify the text and just mention
one option.

Here's my kick at the cat.  
[Hope you'll forgive the lack of sgml markup.]

I got the material from Francesco's text and the threads starting

	Uploading Sponsored Packages

By uploading a sponsored package to Debian, you are certifying that
the package meets minimum Debian standards.  That implies that you
must build and test the package on your own system before uploading.

You can not simply upload a binary .deb from the sponsoree.  In fact,
you should not even accept a binary .deb file!  Rather, you should ask
only for the diff file, and the location of the original source.
Download the source and apply the diff yourself.

Do not be afraid to write the sponsoree back and point out changes
that need to be made.  It often takes several rounds of back-and-forth
email before the package is in acceptable shape.  Being a sponsor
means being a mentor.

Once the package meets Debian standards, build the package and sign it
with your key.  Run <tt>dpkg-buildpackage</tt> with the option 
<tt>-e your@email.address</tt> to specify the key with which to sign
the package.

The Maintainer field of the control file should list the person who
did the packaging, i.e. the sponsoree.  The sponsoree will therefore
get all the BTS mail about the package.  You are encouraged to keep
tabs on the package you sponsor using the Package Tracking System.
Subscribe to the package by sending mail to
<email>pts@qa.debian.org</email> with 

	subscribe <sourcepackage>

in the body.  See [fill in section] for more details about the PTS.




P.S.  If this gets into the reference manual before a description
of the PTS, then you could simply reference the PTS announcement
URL I gave above.

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by Airplane to the Rocket,
by Taxi to the Airport,
by Frontdoor to the Taxi,
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