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Re: DocBook vs. DebianDoc

On Sun, Dec 30, 2001 at 01:49:32PM -0500, John R. Daily wrote:
> "The major conclusion reached by attendees was to standardize on
> DocBook/XML as the canonical format for open source
> documentation. The role of DocBook, however, is to be the storage
> and exchange format. Different documentation groups will use it
> in different ways, but all will provide some form of their
> documents in a standard DocBook format."

Last night Colin Watson and myself had a short discussion last night on IRC
that touched this topic last night. According to Colin, that the HTML :
plain text file size ratio is 6:1 with doc-linux, which is DocBook (all of
it? not sure). That ratio in install-doc, which is DebianDoc, is 3:1.

Colin and Steve Kowalik (or someone else, not sure) said that DocBook's HTML
is bloated, it uses some spurious styles for trivial things.

Just another data point...

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