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cvs commit to ddp/articles/counting-potatoes by jfs

Repository: ddp/articles/counting-potatoes
who:        jfs
time:       Mon Jan 14 03:55:15 PST 2002

Log Message:

Creation of the 'articles' section in the DDP with some new content,
- "Counting Potatoes" (English and Spanish) presented in DWN
- "A Presentation of the Debian Proyect" (in Spanish, English version
already made but needs to be translated from RTF to Docbook)
- "Debian tools for internationalisation" (in Spanish)
- "Interfaces to Package management" (in Spanish)

- write a common Makefile for debiandoc/docbook publishing
(distinguishing between Xml  and sgml)
- translated into english the articles
- integrate with the existing DDP manuals layout and publishing in the web


added:      Makefile README counting-potatoes.es.xml counting-potatoes.xml

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