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Eurosign or currency in X11 keyboard? (for the Debian-euro-HOWTO)

It seems that there might be a "bug" in the "Debian Euro Howto" a user just sent
this and it seems that, in order to configure properly the X keyboard the euro
character is (now) represented with the "EuroSign" name not "currency". It seems
it has changed in some Xfree version but I'm not really sure in which (I recall
being able to do this in Xfree 4.0.6 with just "currency").

Can anyone confirm or deny this issue?

is it
keycode  26 = e E EuroSign

 keycode  26 = e E currency

	I will be changing the Debian Euro HOWTO and euro-test to use EuroSign
instead of currency but I'm pretty sure that the Xfree maps (when using kbd and 
configuring with /etc/X11/Xf86config) use "currency" instead of "EuroSign"
(might be a bug there...)



PD: I do not have a box to test on and this is quite an important issue

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Subject: 'EuroSign' instead of 'currency'
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reading Your euro-howto, I changed my xkb/symbols iso-999... accordingly but got
no "???" out of my keyboard (layout is us_intl) after I changed the above File
containing "EuroSign" instead of "currency" for key <AD03> I finally managed to
produce an "???" althoug I kept reading I was supposed to do just the /opposite/
to solve my problem.


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