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Debian Euro HOWTO

Dear Javier,

Thank you for the Euro HOWTO. It is a pleasure to have a HOWTO when
facing a configuration problem.

But I had some trouble with it (version 0.7 from 31 December, 2001) and
just want to let you know...

Basically, I tried to configure everything on a Woody machine with US
keyboard and console-tools installed. I use the framebuffer console. I
tried to double-check all on a second machine, a upgraded machine which
was saw potato in ancient times and runs now with Woody (last update on
both machines is just one day ago). I refer to section '3.3 Configuring
the console', because the locales are ok. $LANG is set to de_DE@euro. I
read and tried sequentially.

First, a Woody system doesn't have 'kbdconfig'. This was afaik replaced
by 'install-keymap' (I know a hint for his is in section 3.3.2, but
that's too late) and 'dpkg-reconfigure -plow console-common'. In section
3.3.2 you write that 'console-tools' stores the default map in
/etc/console-tools/default.map.gz. That's not true, it's in
/etc/console/boottime.kmap.gz. You write that 'kbd' stores it in
/etc/console/boottime.kmap.gz and I assume that this is wrong too,
because my once-potato-machine had the file
/etc/console-tools/default.map.gz present before I removed kbd and
installed console-tools. So the filenames are mixed up.

It could be described more clearly that 'kbd' and 'console-tools' are two
different Debian packages. It's quite confusing if you just check if
'loadkeys' is present and assume that you have the 'console-tools'.

Back to my problem. After creating the locales and loading the console
fonts manually as you describe in section 3.3, I could see the Euro
symbol with 'printf "\xa4\n"'. Better than nothing. But I wasn't able to
type it. I checked 'dumpkeys' which told me that AltGr-E was installed
correctly: "keycode  18 = +e +E currency [...]". What now?

I tried to permanently install keymap and font and changed the font
selection for each of my VCs in /etc/console-tools/config with
SCREEN_FONT_vcN. No better result.
I played with 'euro-test' from the 'euro-support' package (actually,
there are no packages 'euro-support-[console|X]' as written in section
2.2) and noticed that I was able to input the Euro symbol while running
'showkey --keymap'. Strange! Out of this program, I only get a console
beep. BTW: all other symbols are the same. The German ä ("a) or French é
('e) are displayed correctly with 'showkey --keymap' but discarded when
not running the program.

I tried to insert APP_CHARSET_MAP[vcN]=iso15 in
/etc/console-tools/config, but with that, I wasn't even able to see the
Euro symbol with 'showkey' (the Cent was ok). I got an inverted question
mark instead.

So that's all for today. I'm quite depressed for now and won't try to
configure X or check other HOWTOs. Maybe next days...


Dipl.-Inform. René Tschirley              http://www.cs.tu-berlin.de/~pooh
TU Berlin, Computer Graphics and Computer Assisted Medicine research group

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