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Euro Howto ? Hm Hm


While I did really appreciate your document, you completely forgot to mention
it is heavily based on some of my work, the Euro FAQ and the Euro Pack.


They were released in 1998 (http://lwn.net/1998/1119/a/euro-readme.html) along
with a Linux Journal article

I really do not like this situation. In the free software world, ruled by GPL
and sharing spirit, a rule of thumb is "do not claim the work done by others as
your own".

IMHO, you should add a small link in the credit line, to acknowledge at least
my "priort art" (but if we came to a byte to byte comparison of the fonts, I
would expect that my work would be found on most, if not all, of the current
euro solutions).

Guylhem Aznar

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