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Debian Euro HOWTO, other formats?

Hello there,

I find the debian euro howto (maintained by mr Fernández-Sanguino Peña)  
extremely useful, but I think it should be available in other formats as well 
(other than html). Formats that come to my mind are:

Adobe PDF or PS
And ofc plain ascii text...

In short, some formats that are printable as a document more easily.

Also, as of woody, there's no sign of those support packages mentioned in that 

Since on the first of January 12 countries will use the Euro as their sole 
currency, I think it is extremely useful that woody has the euro support built 
in by default, rather than optional. That is to say that the keymaps used in 
the 15 countries of the european union have the euro symbol available. Orl et 
debian be the first linux distro that has utf-8 support by default?

Robert Ribnitz

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