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Debian Euro HOWTO (new document)

Just today I have written an "Debian and Euro HOWTO" in order
to summarise some of the ideas that have been around in the mailing
lists for quite some time and have become some of a FAQ.

I intend to provide a way to automatically configure the euro support in
Debian (not as easy as it seems) and have made an "euro-support" package
(not yet uploaded) available at 
(the howto is in the euro-support-0.1/manual subdir)

Is there any impediment to include this document into the DDP area?
In any case I also feel that, near to the end of the year, the Debian
project should make an statement (like we did last year regarding the Y2k
problem) regarding the euro-problem (that affects quite a number of users)
and publish it in our website...



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