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Re: Seeking source rebuilding docs

On Mon, Oct 15, 2001 at 03:49:19PM +1000, Neale Banks wrote:
> > I thought had documented it but he denied it.  Too bad, so sorry!
> Ah, that explains the subsequent silence.  But it was a nice dream, while
> it lasted.
> I'll add my vote to any proposal to create documentation of correct usage
> of debian/rules, dpkg-buildpackage etc for those of us who have the
> occasional need/desire to rebuild from the source packages.

	Isn't this documented on the New Maintainer's Guide? I did write
an article, quite some time ago related to source building, a written both
in English and in Spanish, I'm afraid it seems only the Spanish version
was published (in www.openresources.com). However, I'm setting it up in
http://www.dat.etsit.upm.es/~jfs/debian/doc/making-packages (en/ for the
english version and es/ for the Spanish one).
	If others feel it's intersting I will translated it from LaTeX to
debiandoc (there is a version of the spanish version in linuxdoc SGML) and
publish it in the DDP (although I think debiandoc does not support inline
images). It might also need some update regarding the new tools in Debian
that appeared after the article was published.

	Best regards


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