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Re: webpage small incorrection

Em Fri, 12 Oct 2001 16:37:40 +0100
Vasco Figueira <figueira@europe.com> escreveu:

> "Note to Portuguese-speaking users: visit DDP-BR, web pages about 
> localization of Debian documentation in Portuguese language."
> In *Brazilian* Portuguese. Portuguese is from Portugal, Europe. The 
> language is the same, but there are quite some differences that we 
> Portuguese can be very "picky" of... :-) So, when talking about 
> Portuguese from Brazil, please write "Brazilian Portuguese" (Português 
> do Brasil), if the context requests it, offcourse.
well, we call our language portuguese =) and the docs we translated
can be of help for potuguese (from portugal) people, even with the
differences you mentinoned... but, I agreee with you on adding 'Brazillian'
to remove any misundartanding =), I'll do the job (I must update the link
also...), thanks 


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