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Re: Seeking source rebuilding docs

Neale Banks wrote:
> Greetings,
> I just unpacked ppp source package from woody (i.e. "dpkg-source -x
> ppp_2.4.1-4.dsc") and was most surprised to find that this didn't unpack
> the source but rather gave me a ppp-2.4.1/upstream/ directory with
> tarballs/ and patches/.

That's called DBS and is an alternative packaging system.  It's very helpful
for large packages with lots of patches (like XFree86 for example).  Please
go to debian-devel for questions, explanations etc.  Debian-doc is the wrong

On a sidenote, I read a couple of days ago that somebody had documented
dbs, so you may find some documentation somewhere these days.



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