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Re: exploring debian's users and groups

Previously Joey Hess wrote:
> majordom:
> 	Majordomo has a statically allocated uid on Debian systems for
> 	historical reasons.
> 	HELP: Do we still even ship that buggy old POS? And can someone
> 	       remember what the hysterical raisins were?

No longer created on new systems.

> voice:
> 	HELP: ?

voicemail, useful for systems that use modems as answering machines.

> src:
> 	This group owns source code, including files in /usr/src. It can be
> 	used locally to give a user the ability to manage system source
> 	code.
> 	HELP: /usr/src is owned by group src and is setuid. This doesn't
> 	      make files put there by foo-src packages necessarily be owned
> 	      by group src though. If the intent is to make group src be
> 	      able to manage source code, perhaps policy should say that
> 	      foo-src packages make files in /usr/src owned and writable by
> 	      the group (and files in tarballs dropped there likewise?)

I wouldn't mind ditching that group.

> staff:
> 	HELP: So, /usr/local and /var/local are owned by it, but how's it
> 	      differ from say, adm, and what's the historical meaning, and
> 	      the current purpose?

adm are administrators and is mostly useful to allow them to read logfiles
without having to su. staff is useful for more helpdesk/junir sysadmins
type of people and gives them the ability to do things in /usr/local
and create directories in /home.


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