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Re: Where to start? (Newbie Q's)

Thank you so much for these answers. I'm almost inclined to use them as part 
of a "Quick Guide to SGML" (with your permission, of course). This is better 
than everything I've read so far about what SGML is...
> 2.  DocBook and Debiandoc are two DTD's. DTD's exist for both in SGML and
> XML. I would recommend using DocBook as that is the trend for Debian
> documentation.

Is this a trend simply? I would like to stick with what's official policy, as 
that has the best chance of getting accepted. Would anyone (in general) 
object if I did anything in DocBook vs Debiandoc? Or is Debian moving 
headlong into DocBook in the same way that language changes? Enough people 
say it one way that it becomes accepted and standard?

> 3.  Dont understand the question.

My main idea here was to try it out, and then my questions would be answered. 
Sometimes documentation doesn't let you know what you're dealing with. I 
remember Data (from Star Trek) saying that he'd read a lot of books about 
poker, but actually playing it was so much different than what he'd read. 

> 	Please note that this list is NOT the place to learn the
> fundamentals of working with SGML / XML. The debian-user or debian-sgml
> lists perhaps would be more suited to that.

Okay. One more list from Debian to sign up for! I guess I'll stay on this 
list, too, as I do want to contribute, because I'm not a coder...

Thanks for the information. 

> Regards,
> Jor-el

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