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Debian and SGML: The Basics

It seems like this is a good time to post this URL:


Stephane's HOWTO remains the single best introduction to the Debian
way of doing SGML and XML. 

The clearinghouse for Debian documentation (including documentation
about documentation) is:


nb. the link to the "Debiandoc-SGML Markup Manual".

General questions regarding implementing DocBook will find the best
audience on the 'docbook-apps' mailing list:


The indispensable psgml has its own list:


And, finally, since many first come to Emacs only after deciding to do
SGML/XML (and, dare I say, kicking and screaming? <g>), let me
recommend the newsgroup:


I have found the Emacs Usenet community very helpful and friendly.


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