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Re: /etc/modutils/aliases

Previously Andy Saxena wrote:
> I have seen this before and it makes no sense. In /etc/modutils/aliases there 
> is a line "Uncomment the network protocols you don't want loaded:". Shouldn't 
> this be the other way around? I am using kernel 2.4.5 with unstable.

No. Uncommenting those lines means that expected kernel functionality
might suddenly not work. The only real reason for uncommenting those
lines is to stop modprobe from producing warnings in your syslog that
it could not load those modules.

> I have come across documentation where the references are incorrect or 
> obsolete (for e.g., talking about /etc/conf.modules instead of 
> /etc/modules.conf). Is there a way to fix this?

If you can point us to the occurances of /etc/conf.modules in the
documentation someone can probably fix them.


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