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Re: Proposal: Weekly Debian user FAQ.

On Fri, 18 May 2001, Marco Herrn wrote:

>  The debian-user archive surely is putting off a lot of
> people because of its large amount of mail.

I heartily agree.  (I do not subscribe for precisely this reason.)
But I also find the archives a total pig to search through.

I would, however, subscribe to a weekly "bulletin" (Note: *NOT* a FAQ)
which gave me a resume of the week's thoughts/problems/solutions,
divided into the categories of  stable:testing:unstable

Would I volunteer to produce such a bulletin?  Unfortunately, no.
It requires a dedicated group (maybe a university or local user group
somewhere in the world?) to do this; a group which would have the time
not only to read the daily content of the list, but also the time and
the dedication to edit information abstracted from it.

Any takers anywhere?

Martin Wheeler       -        StarTEXT - Glastonbury - BA6 9PH - England
[1] mwheeler@startext.co.uk                   http://www.startext.co.uk/

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