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SOLVED: Help wanted: Cannot use 'man' cmd

Guenter Millahn schrieb am Sonntag, dem 01. April 2001:

> Dear fellow Linux'ers,
> I have an off-topic question:
> Since I did a system upgrade on my Debian/x86 box, I cannot use the
> 'man' command no longer. I get the message:
> myhost# man ls
> man: can't create a temporary filename: Permission denied
> myhost# 
> Any idea what I can do?
> Thanx for your time.

First I want to thank all guys who answered to my question.

During the upgrade /tmp got permissions 555. I moved it back
to 1777 and all worked fine again for root and all other users.

Best wishes, Guenter
Guenter Millahn                                    Tel: 69-2272

"Am liebsten erinnere ich mich an die Zukunft." (Salvador Dali)

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