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Suggestion for a new HOWTO

Hi there at the Debian documentaton team,

I have a suggestion for a small HOWTO-documentation:

How to make additional CD's that can be installed with dselect.

The first version may deal with simple cases only.
The ftp archives of the debian KDE distribution e.g. seem to have the the
same structure as the official CD's.
In such cases, one only needs to know which directories must be downloaded,
what additional files must be on a CD and what are these TRANS.TBL files
I found on the official CDs about.
I guess it would be a HOWTO that fits on one page when printed.

When I have all information, I probably could write a small perl or shell script
that takes an apt line and creates a directory which can be burned on a CD.
Then I would send it to you, and you could add it to the second version of the

What do you think about it ?

Markus Naeher

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