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Re: translating documentation and putting it on the web server

Well, I'm pretty late to answer. Sorry.

On Mon, Jan 22, 2001 at 12:55:22PM -0500, Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> Martin Quinson <Martin.Quinson@ens-lyon.fr> writes:
> > > I think only developers (all of them, though) are allowed to commit in
> > > debian-doc module, but I guess a pserver account could do.
> > 
> > Well, you are right. My pserver account from webwml tree (user name
> > 'french') does not work in the debian-doc tree. Sorry I could have tested
> > that myself before asking...
> > 
> > Could I have one, please ? To who should I ask ?
> You can send me a PGP-crypted requested username and password and I can set it
> up.  Use my public key -- it's on the debian-keyring, aph@debian.org.

Well, for now, I'm pretty busy with coordinating the translations of po
files and debconf templates. I'll come back later for this. Thanks a lot.
> > > Generally, it should be okay to put any translation in the same subdirectory
> > > as the original document. We already do that for several docs.
> > 
> > Good, I think we'll do that.
> See what I just did for the French version of developers-reference.
> Someone needs to let me know if the 'publish' target is still being
> used, and if it works ok.

=> Error 404
=> french version (with my configuration, of course)

It would be really great if we could manage to have the 'this page is
translated to the following pages' thing at the bottom of the pages. Or, at
least, the index.html should containt the list of all language and format in
which is this manual.

> BTW, Martin, is there anyone going to update the French
> developers-reference, now that I'm shipping it?

Err, the database says that a guy will translate it, but he said that in
1998, and I never heard of him. I'll reask...

> > > > I was also wondering if it was possible to :
> > > > - offer other format in w.d.o/doc/ddp (besides html, ps seems to be
> > > >   another good choice)
> > > 
> > > Anything's possible, but I didn't see any requests for that.
> > 
> > We do have such request in french on l10n-french. That means we need to
> > address the two problem to fullfit theses requests...
> I build .html, .txt, and .pdf by default.  Again, see makefiles from
> developers-reference.  I built it to be easy to add other languages.

and again, index.html should point to the available format. 

> > Well, ok, we'll try to dig in it. Waht I wanted to know was if it was a good
> > raison for not doing that (like "no enougth disk space").
> No, it should be done.


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