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Re: translating documentation and putting it on the web server

Martin Quinson <Martin.Quinson@ens-lyon.fr> writes:

> The most awfull change is that it requiers to rename maint-guide.sgml to
> maint-guide.en.sgml (what seems pretty logic).

This shouldn't be required.  I don't do this with
developers-reference.  I find it a little clearer to not have that
requirement since it makes it clear that the English version is the
cannonical version.

> The tricky part is because debiandoc2html is a bit broken. For -l pt_BR, it
> makes files named name.pt-br.html , what is obiously wrong, and prevent
> apache to serve theses pages when pt_BR is asked. So we have to fix the file
> names after generation.

What should the extension be?  It would seem like a better approach to
file bugs against debiandoc-sgml and get this fixed there rather than
hacking around it for every translated Debian doc...

> I think what is done for html could be easily extended to txt and ps. and
> all this may be extended to others directories.
> Any comments ? This patch won't hurt any thing as I can't apply it ;)

Not too bad.  It's very similar to what I did, independantly, for the
developers-reference.  You obviously know make pretty well.  :)

In the publish rule, you should use MANUALNAME rather than hardcoding

I tend to prefer to set the valid languages manually rather than
dynamically, allowing us to workaround broken languages or stuff.

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