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Re: debiandoc2html output


Yes, this is definitely a bug.  It'll be fixed in one of the
next releases.  Thanks for finding this!


fsawa@remus.dti.ne.jp (fsawa@remus.dti.ne.jp) wrote:
> hi, this is my first post to debian-doc!
> I am playing around debiandoc-sgml and notice that the files
> debiandoc2html outputs cannot be validated by nsgml.
> Perhps "A" anchor element appeared in places which is not allowed. I
> inserted "P" element before "A" appears and it became valid html. Is
> it a bug?
> well, I read html-4.0-loose.dtd but I'm not sure what elements allow
> "A". Are there any tools which visualize SGML DTD structure? Tools
> which analyzes or help to write DTD is also welcome.

Ardo van Rangelrooij
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