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2.2 release notes comments

First, congratulations on the fine 2.2 release notes at
http://www.debian.org/releases/stable/i386/release-notes/ .  They
are thorough, yet well-organized and understandable.

I have two suggestions.

1.  It is not clearly stated whether one can continue to run a 2.0.x
kernel.  It is suggested by the mention that samba requires 2.2 that
most of the system will work with 2.0, but it would be better to be
explicit.  (BTW, where does the requirement for 2.2 for samba come
from?  The samba documentation in 2.2 doesn't mention it.)

2.  In section 3.2, it doesn't mention whether you can upgrade from
within an X session started manually (ie, startx).

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