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Re: "non-US/main" section

milenium moon wrote:
  >I come from Indonesia. I want ask you about
  >licensing/limitation of use from "non-US/main" section
  >that include in Debian 2.2 Official CDs. If in my CDs
  >contain "non-US/main" section (application/software)
  >is legal or ilegal if I instal to my computer (on one
  >computer) and how if I want install to more than one
  >computer, is this legal or ilegal ?

  >Please explain to me, this section confiusing for me.
non-us contains software in two categories:

1. software containing encryption; the US government wants to control the 
   export of such software, presumably because they believe that foreign
   spies are far too honest to download stuff against the will of the US
   government!  Recently, US controls have been greatly
   relaxed, but we maintain this software in the non-us section because we
   don't trust the US government not to reimpose the restrictions.

2. software that is restricted by US patents; the USA has been notorious
   for issuing patents on all kind of software operations, which would not
   be patentable in most of the world.  The RSA algorithm was an example,
   though its patent has very recently expired.

As far as Debian is concerned, you can do what you like with this
software.  It is up to you to judge whether any item of software is legal
within your own country.  The point of the non-us archive is that it
contains software that would be illegal for us to export from USA or
to supply for use in USA.

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