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Re: Translation of Documents in DDP in Korean

Yooseong Yang <yooseong@kldp.org> writes:

> I am new to cvs system. But I contribute my documents tranlated in
> Korean to Debian project.  When I upload translated documents to
> Debian site, do I need to pakage my documents?

Well, its not a requirement but it would be nice.

> I would like to make doc-debian-ko pakage including Debian Manual,
> FAQ and other documents in Korean. I would like to maintain this
> pakage after all is done.  How do I become a maintainer of this
> pakage?

Are you a debian developer?  If not, you'll need to become one or find
a sponsor to upload for you.

BTW, did I ever setup your pserver account?

> So, I post my words to this kind of job to debian-doc mailinglist.
> What debian pakages do all DDP documents split into ?
> Please tell me about these facts. 

Hmm, I'm not sure, offhand.  I'd have to look.

BTW, the structure of how to do trasnlated documents does require some
thought.  For instance, in developers-reference, which I maintain, I
have japanese and french versions within the package.  That allows me
to share information between the translations and makes the
translators job easier.  The idea is that I build all the
translations, making packages such as developers-reference-ja,
developers-reference-fr, etc.

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