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XML-DOC mailing list

I'd like to announce a relatively new mailing list, XML-DOC, which
has been created for general discussions related to the
application of XML to technical documentation. You can subscribe
to the list by sending a blank e-mail message to:


You can also subscribe at the XML-DOC website:


I apologize if an announcement about XML-DOC has already gone out
to this list or if most of you are already aware of it through a
posting to one of the other mailing lists related to open-source
documentation, but I'm trying hard to get as many interested
people signed up and participating in XML-DOC as I can.

Although the list is only 4 weeks old, it already has almost 600
subscribers. However, at this point, I don't think the
open-source perspective is well-represented on XML-DOC, so
I'd really like to encourage you all to sign up and participate if
you have the time and energy for yet another list.

Here's a brief description of XML-DOC that might help you decide
whether you really want to sign up or not:

  XML-DOC is for technical writers, markup authors, XML
  developers, XML product vendors and systems integrators, and
  anyone else interested in discussing the application of XML
  tools and techniques to the creation of documentation,
  particularly documentation for computer software and hardware
  and for e-business infrastructure. Topics that are highly
  encouraged on the list:

   * Using XML-based content management systems
   * Profiling/customizing for multiple audiences/delivery formats
   * Using DocBook and other DTDs to create technical documentation
   * Transitioning to XML authoring from a FrameMaker, Interleaf,
     etc. environment
   * Publishing (transforming and delivering XML content)
   * Converting legacy documents to XML
   * Performing document analyses and creating/refining DTDs

And to that list of topics, I'd like to add that some of the
recent threads on the list have started out with messages titled:

   * DocBook and open source docs
   * Is XML ready for prime time? (XML v. SGML)
   * Topic maps: better linking

Of course, XML-DOC is not intended to duplicate or supersede the
purpose of the present list or any other LDP list -- it's a forum
for general discussions of XML as it relates to documentation.

Hope to see some of you there.

  -- Mike Smith

Michael Smith         ...  smith@io.com 
List owner
XML-DOC mailing list  ...  http://www.egroups.com/group/xml-doc/
For discussing applications of XML to technical documentation.

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