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Re: sysadmin manual "users" chapter

On Fri, May 19, 2000 at 04:00:33PM +1000, skud@netizen.com.au wrote:
> Here's what I've done.  I guess it's about 2/3 complete, depending on
> feedback.  Tapio, or anyone else, what do you think?
> Also, what conversion tools are available for turning debiandoc SGML
> into something I can print out (postscript, HTML, whatever) ... I want
> to be able to get dead trees versions of what I write so I can go over
> them with a big red pen.

apt-get install task-sgml
apt-get install task-sgml-devel
(a superset of task-sgml).

Then have a read of Stephane Bortzmeyer's Debiandoc SGML instructions
(can't remember the URL, sorry).  The programs you are looking for all
begin with debiandoc2....




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