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My name is Arnold Wolf, and I am a new member of the Mansfield Linux User's
Group, located in Mansfield, Ohio. I am relatively new to the world of
programming and software, but I had (have?) been a technical writer in the
fields of electronic and related fields for over 25 years. As such, I have
expertise in documentation of all types, and I feel that I might be of use in
your various efforts. As I am having some difficulty navigating your website(s),
please put me in touch with those who might be able to use my services.

Ps. Please realize that I will have to be learning the language as I go along,
but my ability to help in your efforts will be productive, especially if I can
get someone to interpret the programs, codes etc.
In other words, I am at this point basically an amateur in Linux, and am
apologizing in advance!. Thank you.

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