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Re: Bug#52488: maint-guide can't be purged properly due to a .dhelp file

Taketoshi Sano wrote:
> Current dhelp_parse can handle docs in FHS locations, and dhelp_parse_fsstnd
> is provided for docs in FSSTND locations.

Right. But dhelp_parse_fsstnd will *not* follow links.
Normally the installation scripts should use only one of both

> And install-docs in doc-base uses
> these in according to the location of docs specified by packages.

Sure? I have changed the behaviour of the parsers some weeks ago.

> I think current dhelp can handle the docs in FHS locations, can't it ?

It can. The FHS documents are available as /usr/share/doc/HTML and
as /usr/doc/HTML. /usr/doc/HTML2 is the index of documents stored
in /usr/doc but not in /usr/share/doc (old packages).

> Hmm. It seems that this kludge is required because the location of HTML files
> is specified as FSSTND location in doc-base support. If dhelp can't handle
> the documetns in FHS locations, then this is necessary.

No, these links are not for dhelp or doc-base. They are for our users,
because http://localhost/doc/ still points to /usr/doc! Read the policy.

> If the FSSTND location is specified for HTML docs, then install-docs
> in doc-base use dhelp_parse_fsstnd instead of dhelp_parse.
> But dhelp_parse_fsstnd seems not trace the link file.

As I said: I had to change dhelp some weeks ago, because the policy
had changed again (originally I thought that http://localhost/doc/
would point to /usr/share/doc). See doc-base's bug reports.

>  sudo dhelp_parse_fsstnd -d /usr/doc/maint-guide/maint-guide.html/
>    so the use of dhelp_parse_fsstnd above should be right.

Only when these files are stored in /usr/doc! Once again, dhelp
can not follow links. You have to use the physical file not a link
to the file.

Packages conforming to the latest policy should never ever use
dhelp_parse_fsstnd! This parser should be used only by old packages,
which don't contain /usr/share/doc!

> These ".en" and ".ja" are not the part of the real file name,
> so I think you should remove these extra part when the real file name
> is "index.html".

Please remember, dhelp supports http and file access. So you
can not use something like the Multiview feature of the apache!
You have to use the real file name!

> /usr/share/doc/maint-guide/maint-guide.html/index.html

So it should use dhelp_parse.

> > Of course, if someone can tell me that /usr/share/doc should be used
> > *safely* in those doc-base/dhelp files, I'll change it (in maint-guide* and
> > libtiff3g-dev, other named packages aren't mine).

Use .dhelp directly and you will not have such problems -:))).

I'm sorry for these problems, but I have not written the policy.

cu, Marco

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