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Re: Potato Release Notes

On Mon, Jan 17, 2000 at 01:43:17PM -0500, Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> >I once said I'll be working on them - this sounds like a time to get
> >to work :) I run potato (mostly) nowadays, so I actually know what I'll
> >be writing about now, too :)
> >
> >I found the old document in /debian-boot/boot-floppies/documentation/ of our
> >CVS server; I do some work in other CVS trees, does that mean I already have
> >permission to write to the release-notes.sgml in that directory? Or do I
> >need to get some admin to set it up?
> You alreay have perms if you have an acct on va.

I did some experimenting and noticed the same thing, thanks anyway.

In the meantime, I did quite a lot of work on the doc ("a lot" is relative
when we talk about something that simple :), and got anxious. tausq told me
on IRC that I should just commit my changes and mail debian-boot... so I did
that. I hope you don't mind.

> >Is there some kind of TODO list for the release notes? Should I ask
> >Bob Hilliard?
> Bob isn't involved....
> The todo is just to get it in the best shape possible.

Great :)

> Where the document resides is a question.  On the assumption that
> boot-floppies is for "from scratch" installs, and that the release
> notes are primarily for people upgrading, then they shouldn't be in
> boot-floppies area.


> OTOH, we already have a lot of information already available in the
> boot-floppies defaults.ent and dynamic.ent (set dynamically) which is
> very much useful to have for the release notes.

And that is also true, I've examined the part of documentation/ build system
that is used in release-notes.sgml and found it quite useful.

It wouldn't be much work for me to move it all out into a separate entity;
but it still doesn't make much sense to hassle with creating a new
directory, moving the document, checking it works, informing translators...

I won't complain if it's kept under /cvs/boot-floppies/documentation/.

However, there's one more issue: why not distribute the document in the
installed Debian system, i.e. contained in a package? There is information
in there that can be useful even after starting the actual installation of
the system (or upgrade).

The `doc-debian' package seems like a good place... what do you think?

> Let's discuss this publicly... on debian-doc perhaps?

I agree. CC:d.

enJoy -*/\*- don't even try to pronounce my first name

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