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Help with German Documentation

Hi there,

the German distribution (2.1) sold in a box with 7 CDs and a handbook
doesn't seem to contain boot floppies (as said in the handbook). There is
also no proper description of how to create them. One way to remedy this
would be to update the handbook.

Comparing the handbook with Red Hat's and Suse's I think there is room for
improvement. Not sure, if I address this to the right person / group, but I
would contribute some paragraphs or pages (may be even chapters :-) ) for
the German distribution, if there is a way to do so. If the German version
is a complete translation of the English (and therefore incomplete in both
versions), I could make my contributions in both languages.

If you think there is a way, I could help you, please let me know. It always
hurts to see that some novice might buy this great distribution and get lost
due to a lack of proper 'paper' documentation.

Kind regards,
Rodger Etz-Brown

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