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RFC: inetd httpd-facility for dwww/dhelp


I belive many people do not use dwww because they won't install their
own web server. 
So if we would have a very-small HTTP server which would be started
by inetd and only serve Debian's documentation every body could use it.
And this server wouldn't even consume any memory/cpu if not used.

This debhttpd should be very easy to program since it does only need to
call the CGI's and output the resulting pages.
Examples of such servers are:
	swat (Samba configuration tool)
	wwwoffle (Proxy cache with config/index/cache-search facility)
	<some configure-everything tool>
I think even if we do not find any "ready" solution we could do it with

This would be the final solution for all our "which document system to use"
problems - And we would even be better than "the others" :-)

Any suggestions ?


P.S.: Replies should probably go to debian-doc only.
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