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Re: translators for dpkg and dselect wanted

ðÎÄ, 25 ïËÔ 1999, Wichert Akkerman ÎÁÐÉÓÁÌ:
> >%_
> With the recent changes in dpkg the current translations are bound to
> be slightly out of date. I would like to have that corrected before the
> release, so if anyone is willing to go over the translation for his/her
> language we would appreciate the help. Currently there are translations
> for the following locales: en, es, fr and ja_JP.ujis .
> As an added bonus I have added gettext-support to dselect. However there
> are no translations for dselect currently.. is anyone feeling up to some
> translation work?
I think i could begin translating dselect and dpkg. Where should i subscribe?
Maybe i must get part of dpkg CVS module or what?
> Wichert.
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