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Suggestion: Man Pages on Web & Install Disks

Suggestions for Improvement:

   * Put complete man pages for every package on www.Debian.org.
        o (Note that OpenBSD does this.)
   * Put complete /usr/doc and /usr/info documentation for every package
     on www.Debian.org, with the appropriate HTML cgi readers.
   * Put man pages for everything associated with the install processes
     on CDs.


I'm doing another install, and the CD-Roms I've just received for Potato
mention the (probably ultra cool) apt-cdrom(8) method for multiple CDs.
I'd like to use it!  However, I don't have another Debian system handy
now, and the man page stuff isn't installed yet.  It would be cool if I
had access to the man pages for apt-cdrom(8).  Sure, I can read the man
page source in /usr/man/man8/apt-cdrom.8.gz, and I am, but it would be
very nice if all those formatting characters didn't get in the way to
confuse me.

Thanks in Advance,
Ken Hendrickson

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