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docbook now ?

> note: this tells you "docbook is doable, now!". i don´t want to start a
> flamewar docbooc <-> debiandoc or something else. 
> personaly i could not get debiandoc to produce a useable result of
> install-de, so i started looking of something else. 

install the software (jade, jadetex, sp, docbook*), read

and chapter 4.2 of http://www.freebsd.org/tutorials/docproj-primer/book.html
and 10 minutes later you can hack docbook.

is there some reason not to use docbook ? it was planed for such a long time.

btw: the o´reilly book is online - www.docbook.org - and will be in store
at the end of the month.

i´m currently moveing the german install.de.sgml to docbook.


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