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Re: newbie-doc

Michael Stenner <mstenner@phy.duke.edu> writes:
> I haven't decided on an official name.  newbie-doc seems so much more
> appropriate.  I don't want to use the words "Guide", "HOWTO", or
> "Manual".  None of those are quite right.  What about something like
> "Debian New Users' Index" ?

newbie-doc seems ok to me.

> OK, here is my little statement.
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> A collection of distilled help on specific issues and a "complete" set
> of links should the user need more help.  Aimed at the new users who
> find huge documentation intimidating and who (for whatever reason)
> can't find or aren't aware of the appropriate HOWTO, manual, etc.
> The emphasis is on structure.  Very little new documentation will be
> written.  Suggestions and help are welcome. mstenner@phy.duke.edu
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Hmmm... ok, when there's some materials ready, then you could add this
to the materials under 'webpages' if you would!  That would help me

I'm not quite sure structurally how you are going to accomplish this,
but I find it quite laudable.

> Regarding the CVS module, just let me know when it's ready (or if you
> need anything from me first).

It's added under manuals.sgml.  I've added a stock Makefile.
You can check out the whole DDP area or just the 'newbie-doc' module
if you like.

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