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The Open Source Writers Group

I wasn't aware of this project:


About the OSWG 

                  The Open Source Writers Group (OSWG) is intended to help
                  writers find projects and to help projects find writers. 

                  The Open Source movement is almost entirely staffed by
                  geographically dispersed volunteers. As a result, some OS
                  software projects find it difficult or impossible to recruit
                  writers and editors to work on the project documentation.
                  People who are willing and able to help with documentation
                  similarly find it difficult to identify Open Source projects that
                  need them. This indicates a communications gap that must be

                  The Open Source Writers Group was created to fill that gap. 

                  Any non-commercial Open Source project (free as in both
                  "free speech" and "free beer") that needs people to work on
                  documentation is welcome to contact me with a description of
                  their project and documentation requirements. This
                  description will be posted to the OSWG mailing list, and will
                  be added to the projects index. 

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