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RE: Installing many languages of docs


what requirements we have this far?

- one must be able to select language(s) for documentation
  to be installed

- selection of languages must be stored and not prompted

are there any other requirements?

Now comes the fun part. We must fill in the missing detail
in these rather abstract requirements.

- what happens if docs are not available in all languages?
  any of them?

- shall there be a 'mandatory language' (English)?

- what happens in upgrade? what if selection of languages
  is different now? what if the selection is lost?
  what if the previous version did not support selection?
  what if user has installed 'language packs', like man-pages-it

- what happens in downgrade? (this should be trivial, right)

- what happens in remove or purge, no extra warnings or what?

- what happens if user changes his or her selection, how can
  the system be updated (i.e. languages added or removed)?

- what about shared documentation? how to decide if languages
  can be removed from shared docs? (shared == across machines)

- how user changes the selection?

Then we can think about implications, like installing and removing
partial packages and keeping state of that.

Then we should know enough to prioritize the reqs and put
them in different development cycles, and to decide which
reqs will 'never' be implemented.

This should be done sooner or later, and it looks like to be an
interesting job.

The best bugs are put where nobody tests.  (Hans Shaeffer)

Rafael Caetano dos Santos <rcaetano@linux.ime.usp.br> Tue Sept 28, 1999 3:46
> Adam Di Carlo writes:
> > > Why?  I don't have enough room on my system to install N 
> copies of all
> > > the documentation in N-1 languages that I cannot read.  And I'm
> > > probably not the only Debian user with this restriction.
> > 
> > Lets work out a better system -- I don't want to be asked what
> > language I want all the time either.
> AFAIK, debconf can prevent this.  You wouldn't be asked all the time,
> only once.

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