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Doc, (was : Tempo)

Hi all,

I'm writing a bit of documentation about how to setup a debian system
and some network services (this is for internal needs but I would like
it to grow beyond this)... If someone has knowledge and time, I need :

	* sendmail/procmail
	* apache (started)
	* ntp
	* nis/nfs (started but need to be more complete)
	* ftpd
	* packages management with apt/dpkg

	The doc is in french right now, but I will do an english translation
since I think that many people here do not understand it :). Of course,
this list is not limitative and all remains open. 
When it will be finished (if...), I think it would be interesting to
submit it to the DDP.



Adrien Dessemond
Eleve ingenieur 

Institut Mediterraneen d'Etudes et Recherches en Informatique, IA,
Robotique - Perpignan (FRANCE)

http://www.imerir.asso.fr - Mortal Kontakt : dessemond@imerir.asso.fr

"Going on means going far. Going far means returning.

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