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Re: Debian Touts Integrated SGML Environment/sans SMGL-Tools

Adam Di Carlo writes:
 > offense.  I'm going to try my best to not come off as defensive here,
 > First off, the release mentioned in the press release is Debian 2.1.
 > Secondly, I myself have sucessfully installed sgml-tools 2.x 
 > That being said, I will personally make it a priority that sgml-tools
 > 2.x packages are uploaded to stable soon.

That is indeed much appreciated, thanks a lot.

 > |> If somebody is going to throw "hacker release" at me now, I'm
 > Well, here you seem to be attacking the sgml-tools maintainers.

Cees and I have met before :-). Nope, I'm just being my obnoxious
self attacking the situation, which in all honesty is unacceptable.
Sometimes bluntness seems the only way to get a response.

The last time I looked (I am currently not on the LDP list),
HOWTO writer's etc. were urged/encouraged/whatever to move to 
DocBook. For months, I kept occasionally installing and 
removing 1.x and 2.x. I am simply not in the position to 
learn Python just to get the package installed. I won't switch
to RedHat either.

 > Aside from that, if you are trying to support sgml-tools 2.x on
 > Debian, based on my rather foggy (it was a while ago) remembrance

Thanks for trying. If only somebody could be specific for once, 
then I'd happily write it down as a fool-proof (by my success)

If the updated package gets uploaded to stable, I am sure 
there are a few  people on the lists who'd appreciate a short 
notifier. Thanks for replying.


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