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Re: http://www.geocities.com/ResearchTriangle/3328/rh5todeb-howto.txt

Adam Di Carlo wrote:

> I note with interested your RedHat -> Debian HOWTO.  Would you like to
> see this included in the "official" or semi official debian
> documentation?  The DDP (debian doc project) can offer CVS areas and
> maybe even find a nice package for placing it.  We'd probably want to
> convert it to debiandoc-sgml so we'd have a nice way to format it as
> text or HTML or whathaveyou.  Thoughts?
> .....Adam Di Carlo....adam@onShore.com.....<URL:http://www.onShore.com/>

Sure! I tried to submit it once to the LDP and never got a reply. :(

I've been busy with a new job the last few months and haven't put any more work
into it.

I did also write a utility in perl to convert any other style password file
conforming filesystems such as Red Hat, Slackware, or whatever to the Debian
format, basically after hand editing the password and group files to be similar
to the Debian format as far as uid's and gid's were concerned, it goes out and
chowns and chgrps files to conform to the new passwd and group file scheme.

It can be found at:

It was actually developed in attempts to convert the Slackware "ZipSlack" UMSDOS
version to Debian... The password/group conversion worked successfully. but the
Debian install on top of that UMSDOS system went awry afterwards!!! :(

I wanted to make a ZipDebian :) But apparently the UMSDOS filesystem isn't as
robust as it could be and the Debian conversion failed when dpkg tried to
install the timezone package. I think there were too many files or directories
in one subdirectory for UMSDOS to handle. :( Ah well.

I now have a little more free time, and can work on this more. I really don't
have any usable test-bed systems to perfect the procedure more and for other
Linus distros, but will be of any assistance in sprucing up the documentation on
what was done. NOTE: I'm still using the test bed RH->Deb system now and never
once have reinstalled a fresh Debian on it. (so I still have a few RH files
laying around that dpkg neither knows nor cares about :) I did successfully
upgrade from Hamm to Slink though :)

NOTE: I and Johnie Ingram (aka Netgod on IRC, and johnie@netgod.net) talked a
"Slackware guy" on #linpeople at irc.us.openprojects.net through a detailed
procedure to install glibc2 dpkg and alien on his libc5 Slackware system (so he
could install Debian packaged games on his Slack system :). The sticking point
was installing the Debian version of ld.so on top of his slack version, both
came from the exact same code base version of ld.so so it was a little icky, but
it happened. I don't even remember all the details. :( But we made a Happy
Camper[tm] and Debian Convert out of him :))

I think if enough work is done, the process of conversion can be distilled into
an automated process of some sort, with full robust checks and backout / undo
points all along the way.

I'm by no means a programmer, and have never really dealt with SGML or the
associated tools. But I'm all ears if anyone want's to be a mentor in that area
for me 8c)

And I'd love to get involved with Debian as a package maintainer as well one of
these days. Maybe I'll package the first "Microsoft GPL'd" software package,
Cricket... or Super MRTG... heheh, Microsoft isn't all bad, they just don't
understand the true meaning of free software :) Go RMS! But alas I have no
routers to play with. But I will be attending the USENIX NETA Networking
Conference starting next tuesday and will attend the Cricket technical session,
in hopes of learning something :)

If you can help me out with this project I would be grateful! I'd love to do up
my mini-howto in SGML format and put it up at the LDP and the Debian Doc

Brock Lynn

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