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Re: releases/potato

> >> I've put in an early cut of the the potato release pages
> >> <URL:http://www.debian.org/releases/potato/>.  I don't really
> >> intend
> hk> "GNU libc 2.1 based (known as libc6.1 in Linux)" ??? the libc6.1
> hk> from alpha is not a glibc-2.1 version.
> Um.... This page is talking about what will be in potato, when it
> releases.  So educate me... isn't potato going to be,
> across-the-board, glibc-2.1 based?

Sure, but don't know it for m68k!? All other archs will be with glibc-2.1 and
egcs (and possible a newer perl and i hope also more language support for

I'm not sure if its correct to name glibc-2.1 as libc6.1. Alphas current
libc is called libc6.1, but this is a glibc-2.0 version, not a 2.1 version. 



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