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Re: Bad iem

>>>>> "rl" == Rafael Laboissiere <rafael@icp.inpg.fr> writes:
rl> I tried to obtain a PostScript file from your release-notes.sgml
rl> for Debian 2.1 and got some strange results associated with the
rl> <enumlist> environment.  The list started just after the end of
rl> the precedent line and is printed into a narrow rectangular box
rl> justified to the right of the page.

Yuk!  Funny... I'll check this out in more depth...

rl> This may be caused by my present setup.  Here is the info about
rl> the relevant packages I am using:


rl> Otherwise, here is the patch that solves the problem:

Um, I'd rather not have to hack around cosmetic bugs in
debiandoc-sgml. Could you report a bug against debiandoc-sgml instead?

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