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Re: testing group -- please test the documentation

On Tue, 12 Jan 1999 17:21:37 +0200, Arto Astala <arto.astala@ntc.nokia.com> said:
> Don't be discouraged by the volume, it is a sign of quality of your
> current work that so much can be said (meaningfully, I hope) about
> it.

Arto, thanks for this document.  I was confused and though you patched
the ASCII version.  Most of your comments I've make sure are

>   I'd add (or move) an overview into the first chapter.

Good idea.

> Perhaps also a 'quick appendix' for the impatient and confident.

Ugh.  Too much work.  They wouldn't read it anyway. But patches
accepted.  I've added an intro thing -- maybe there are sections which
are of particular interest to experts.  Not sure.

>   I'd also give older/smaller systems more visibility, e.g. tell
>   the general requirements for dev.machine/router etc. without X11.

Hmmm.  If you give me numbers for htis I'll be glad to add it.

>   Also better coverage of bootable cd installation.

This is covered pretty extensively; I can't do anymore unless (a)
someone sends me patches, or (b) someone sends me a bootable CD.

>   To protect your system againsta trojan horses and other bogus
>   software all Debian packages are PGP-signed by developer. Thus you
>   can (but are not required to) at any time verify that your
>   packages are originating from the real Debian maintainer. Debian
>   also takes great care to configure the packages in a secure manner.
>   Security fixes are generally quickly available for the packages.

For one, this isn't true; .debs aren't signed.  For two, I don't want
to bait crackers.

>   It could be good to explain the relation of freeness and distribution
>   and why non-free is only available by ftp.

That's not true, we don't stop vendors from shipping non-free if they
check the licenses.

> Also main, contrib & non-free

Instead of this extra text, I just made a footnote pointing to the
right part of the FAQ.

>   package-name, it is not immediately obvious how to get package
>   from binary
>   tell also about dwww etc. ?
>   also other comments on this

Hmm; fixed the bug here but as for talking about dwww, dhelp, that
belongs in the ``where to find more info'' section at the end
(recently added).

>   I think storage systems could include file systems, and mention
>   FAT, FAT32, VFAT, NTFS. Both as storage area for archive and as
>   possibility to resize or not.

Resize is addressed elsewhere.  NTFS is not supported.  Other than
that, added.

>   How much without X11, what is about minimum install and what can
>   be done with it? What is the minimun reasonable download.

See "Memory and Disk Space Requirements"

>   Not even a display and keyboard, if you can use serial port. Is
>   this true for installation?

I don't think so, yet.

>   should there be a text version for install.txt?

There is one.

I've gotten to the point where you talk about the Planning what type
of system you have list.  I'll try to do the rest later tonight.

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